August 15, 2018



First and foremost, understand that each job is unique and also highly variable.
There are no standardized requirements, pricings or color/material limitations.

The best way to find an answer is by calling.

However, perhaps a few questions can be answered below.

  • Do you ship orders? 

Yes. We can add send orders with all of the expected shipping and handling fees added on.

  • What is your typical turn-around time?

It depends on the complexity of the job, quantity and the amount of in-house projects currently underway. That being said, we are extremely communicative and believe in deadlines. We can even expedite.

Typically, once artwork is done (final proofing usually takes the longest), the print time is short. Expect roughly a week.

  • How do I submit Artwork?

Email us a high-quality vectorized logo that preferably has layers. Screen printing is much like stenciling, where we have to separate colors and sequence prints/drying.

  • Do you have order minimums?

Yes. Although this number is not set-in-stone, because sometimes the ease of a design makes the process go faster. A good rule of thumb is about 12 for a minimum.

  • What do I do if I would like to reorder in the future?

Please indicate that this will be a repeated design. A screen will otherwise be repurposed for new artwork, as this is the nature of the business, and you will likely be recharged a set-up fee. (The set up fee is negligble as your artwork should be on file).

  • Do you accept Paypal? Credit Cards? 

No, we did at point, but logistically it makes more sense for us to use Checks (Cash work as well).

  • What is your policy in regards to Damages and Returns?

Damages on either end are inevitable, we recommend ordering a few extras. Sometimes garments can come in damaged, bent or in transit unpredictable accidents happen.

Once the artwork is agreed upon and printing is underway, we cannot make changes. You are responsible for your decisions.

If after all is said and done, you are genuinely unsatisfied, we will work to solve the problem. Business is a relationship and we want to keep customers happy.