Century Screen Arts is a family-owned business born out of Los Angeles, CA more than 30 years ago.

We are a local establishment focused on handmade detail and customer service.


(Son Todd, showcasing a rather large screen for an upcoming job)

Modern screen printing is digitalized, often outsourced to impersonal large online companies using low-quality, cheap materials.

Printing with machines loses the individualized attention, customizability and artisanship needed in each part. Next time you go to choose a t-shirt or jacket in your closet, look at the prints. Chances are the lines are thin, faded, out-of-registration or cracked. This is because it was done fast and low-quality.

We will work with you to meet your needs and create the best print possible, working with you on the logo, materials, colors, placement, inks, sizes, visibility and installation.


Richard has always been in the industry.

And because of that, he has worked with large restaurant chains like ‘In-n-out’, hospitals, guitar shops, schools and manufacturers. Richard has had the experience to earn your trust.

Catch him performing in the San Gabriel Valley with his band ‘Blues and Fries’.