August 10, 2018



Experience and craftmanship is the basis of our dependable quality, but our focus is on personability.


Century Screen Arts is a family-owned and operated business.

Richard Siefke started his business in 1980 after years of working in the industry. A Los Angeles native, he attended art school and started out in sign painting. He pursued sales in paint supplies and also spent time creating screenprinted glass art.

After several years of learning art principles and screenprinting, Richard decided to open a shop with a good friend.

Century Screen Arts has always been in Monrovia, CA and serves all of Los Angeles County. Over the years the company has done jobs for City Councils, Political Campaigns, Non-Profits, Franchises, Law Firms, Mom and Pop Shops, Bands, Guitar Companies, Manufacturers and more.

Come see our facility and we will show you how we operate!