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Custom signs & Installs

Signs of all kinds, materials and inks. Banner, yard signs, installations, window and painting.

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Custom Screen Printing

If it involves creating a print, we can do it and will work to meet your needs: Clothing, Plastics, Metal and more

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Other Solutions

We can help you with custom merchandise, artwork, embroidery, commercial, private – you name it!

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Century Screen Arts has been a local silkscreening shop located in Monrovia, CA since 1980. A true "family-owned" small business that has created reliable signs and screen prints for the greater part of Los Angeles.

  • You choose the design, or we can help.

  • We work with a variety of brands, materials and inks.

  • Prices are based on many factors, so to make it easy, we work with what you need.

  • Being that each item is hand printed, we have the oversight ability to focus on precision.

Richard Siefke

Richard has been creating art, painting and screen printing his whole life. If you have a vision, he can help you create it.

Todd Siefke

Todd helps with branding, online content and web. He is a botanist, fermenter and amateur graphic artist living in Los Angeles, CA.

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